Thistles Goes Green



The Thistles is committed to seeking reductions and more efficient methods in which our waste, water and energy are as efficiently managed as possible.

2015 was a very successful and ‘green’ year as the shopping centre won two National Awards for Environmental Excellence, and has been recognised for its great work by SEPA and Keep Scotland Beautiful. 2016 also proved another successful year with another industry award win and the highest-level gold recognition for the shopping centre’s environmental improvements and energy management.

The Thistles has made some great improvements to its environmental impact over the past two years including:

Zero waste sent to landfill all waste is recycled or recovered
Electricity supply to any empty units within The Thistles is provided by 100% ‘green energy’
Enough electricity saved over the previous year to charge an iPhone for over a thousand years
Enough electricity saved over the previous year to make over 2 million cups of tea!
Enough water saved from the previous year to fill the ‘PEAKS’ swimming pool
Enough water saved from the previous year to shower continuously for 60 days
Enough water saved from the previous year to make every man women and child in Stirling 28 cups of tea each and incidentally enough electricity saved to make those 2.4 million cups of tea
The equivalent of 2,550 fully grown trees were saved by the weight of cardboard leaving The Thistles to be recycled
Any waste not able to be recycled is recovered to create energy from waste
Awarded the prestigious ‘Green Apple’ award for environmental excellence in 2015
Awarded a gold ‘Green Apple’ award for environmental excellence in 2016
The shopping centre is a chemical free cleaning zone as we use an aqueous ozone water system to clean
To help further reduce waste, a garden has been constructed in one of the service yards and is made purely from recycled and upcycled materials – the team compost all uncooked vegetable waste, along with egg shells, egg boxes and coffee grounds, and going forward intend to use the garden to grow their own vegetables
Introduction of a dedicated shopping centre Sustainability Award which is awarded quarterly to retailers, teams or individuals who are making positive changes to their environmental impact
The Thistles is the first shopping centre in the UK to offer recycling services for wax lined coffee cups.